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Craig Anderson and the bomb of the century swell.

The Kandui session was the most widely publicised Indo,for obvious and terrifying reasons.The most top-class surfers made their way to kandui,and the grinding left-hander got a healthy dose of ocean and turned it into a espectacular and horrifying tubes.

La última sesión en la ola de Kandui fue la más ampliamente publicitada de Indo por razones obvias y aterradoras.La mayoría de los top class surfers se dirigieron a Kandui y demolieron esa izquierda convirtiéndola en una sesión de tubos espectacular y terrorífica.

Some of the waves of the swell were ridden at Kandui.Mind blowing,time-bending lefts that left us on the edge of our seats,cheering the boys through the tube,not wanting to look at the end section,but unable to look away. Continue reading Craig Anderson and the bomb of the century swell.

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Deepwaters with Kohl Christensen PART II

A hectic week with championship and big wave surfing season at ROCA PUTA deserved a Saturday without timetable or wake up early and . The ocean kept pumping but the body was already another. It was only at the end of the afternoon we approach Meñakoz to shake off our lethargy in a clean condition with waves of 3 meters. We stayed with David Bustamante “ZUMO”, was the first time that Kohl came in this point break and who better than David show it.

Una semana agitada de campeonato con un viernes de olas grandes en ROCA PUTA merecía un sábado de levantarse tarde y disfrutarlo sin horarios. El mar seguía bombeando pero el cuerpo ya era otro. Fue solo al final de la tarde que nos acercamos a Meñakoz a desperezarnos en unas condiciones limpias con olas de 3 metros. Habíamos quedado con David Bustamante, era la primera vez que Kohl entraba en este pico y que mejor que Zumo para hacer de padrino.
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Deepwaters with Kohl Christensen

After completing the championship of La Galea, many competitors gone but many stayed due to the good conditions even going to stay for the weekend. One of these competitors was Kohl Christensen.

Después de terminar el campeonato de la Galea, muchos competidores se fueron pero otros muchos se quedaron debido a las buenas condiciones que aun iban a quedar durante el fin de semana. Uno de estos competidores era Kohl Christensen.

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Indonesia has become in the last 20 years in the global surfing Mecca, respecting the mother who bore him, care and made him grow “Hawaii.” If Indonesia is the Mecca in religious terms Mentawai say is the world of Disney fun.

Indonesia se ha convertido en los últimos 20 años en la Meca mundial del surf, siempre respetando a la madre que lo parió, cuido y le hizo crecer “Hawaii”. Si Indonesia es la Meca en términos religiosos digamos que Mentawai es el Disney world de la diversión.

This archipelago of countless islands make up one of the places more coarse and extensive when venturing either by land, sea or air to the search for new spots or just be tamed already known in these parts of the coast of West Sumatra.
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