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Big Wave Challenge with Greg Long

It was a normal morning, shower, breakfast and mails before start doing things. Among all EMAILS strikes me one in particular; Was from “Puppi”… as always in a brief note ” I NEED YOU STAY WITH GREG AND FILM HIM FOR TWO DAYS ”

Era una mañana normal, ducha, desayuno, y mails antes de comenzar a hacer cosas. ENTRE todos los correos me llama la atención uno en especial; es del Puppi… como siempre habitual en el, una nota escueta “NECESITO QUE FILMES A GREG POR DOS DIAS”.
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Indonesia has become in the last 20 years in the global surfing Mecca, respecting the mother who bore him, care and made him grow “Hawaii.” If Indonesia is the Mecca in religious terms Mentawai say is the world of Disney fun.

Indonesia se ha convertido en los últimos 20 años en la Meca mundial del surf, siempre respetando a la madre que lo parió, cuido y le hizo crecer “Hawaii”. Si Indonesia es la Meca en términos religiosos digamos que Mentawai es el Disney world de la diversión.

This archipelago of countless islands make up one of the places more coarse and extensive when venturing either by land, sea or air to the search for new spots or just be tamed already known in these parts of the coast of West Sumatra.
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